Tesla PowerWall Home Battery

Tesla PowerWall Home Battery Front ImageThe Tesla PowerWall Home Battery is a wall-mounted battery pack which is designed for both residential and commercial applications. The PowerWall Home Battery contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack which can provide energy storage to help maximise the self consumption of your solar power and provide you with backup power if there’s a power failure. The PowerWall is designed to work in conjunction with a compatible solar power inverter such as the SolarEdge StorEdge, Fronius Hybrid inverter series and the SMA Sunny Boy Storage Battery Charger.

Tesla Authorized Reseller SmallBefore you talk to anyone in regards to a Tesla PowerWall ensure they are Authorized by Tesla, as if they’re not your product warranties may be a fraction of what they should be.

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Tesla PowerWall Home Battery Specifications

Electrical Specifications

Power, continuous & peak 3.3 kW
Energy* 6.4 kWh
DC Voltage 350V – 450V
DC Current, continuous & peak 9.5 A
Insulation Co-ordination Overvoltage Category III on a 277 / 480V system
Round Trip Efficiency (Beginning of Life)* 92.5% (for a 400V – 450V DC bus)

*Values provided for 25oC, 2kW charge / discharge power

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature -20oC to 50<supoC Humidity: <95% condensing
Storage Conditions
-30oC to 60oC, <95% RH
-20oC to 45oC, <95% RH
-20oC to 30oC, <70% RH non-condensing, SOE: 50% initial
Altitude 3000m
Impact Rating IK09
Ingress Rating IP35 & NEMA 3R (full Pack)
IP67 (battery Pod)

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions L: 1300 mm
W: 860 mm
D: 180 mm
Weight 95 kg

Tesla PowerWall Home Battery & SolarEdge StorEdge Inverters

Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions use and recommend SolarEdge solar power inverters and power optimisersSolarEdge produce state of the art solar power equipment that will provide you with the highest yield possible for years to come. With 12 year inverter warranties as standard and great safety features Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions highly recommend SolarEdge products. For more information about SolarEdge and the products they offer click here.


SolarEdge StorEdge & Tesla Powerwall Home Battery

Tesla PowerWall Home Battery & Fronius Hybrid Inverters

Fronius solar invertersFronius are an Austrian company with a long history in solar power. Currently due to European requirements the Fronius Hybrid inverter that works with the Tesla PowerWall is only available in 3 phase models. For more information about Fronius and the quality products they offer please click here.

Fronius Hybrid Inverter Tesla PowerWall

Tesla PowerWall Home Battery & Existing Solar Power Systems

Tesla PowerWall Home Battery works with SMA invertersSMA are one of the worlds most respected solar inverter manufacturers with quality products that have a proven history of reliability. The SMA Sunny Boy Storage 2.5 can be installed with a Tesla PowerWall to any new or existing solar power system and allow the storage of surplus power into a high voltage battery such as the Tesla PowerWall Home Battery opening the floodgate for any solar power system to be truly “battery ready”.

Tesla PowerWall Home Battery and SMA Sunny Boy Storage
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Store your surplus solar power in your hot water system