JFY JSI Solar InverterJFY JSI Solar Inverter is a Chinese-manufactured brand so it can be expected that it is way cheaper compared to European inverters on the market.  Several factors may affect an inverter’s performance which may result in failures.

We have put together a list of fault displays and possible action from JFY JSI Solar Inverter’s user manual for your convenience.

If any problems arise, the “Alarm” LED on the front panel will be red and the LCD displays the relevant information. Please note that safety measures should be observed to avoid any risk of injury or you may also seek assistance from a qualified electrician.

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No any display in LCD or LED Check PV-input connections
W01 No grid Check grid connection cables.
W02 Vin overvoltage Check the Voc of PV string, see if it is greater than or too close to max. input DC voltage of relative inverter type.
E01 Isolation error Check the impedance is between PV (+) & PV (-) and the PV-Inverter is earthed. The impedance must be greater than 2MΩ
E02 Leak error The leakage current is too high.Unplug the inputs from the PV string and check the peripheral AC system.
E03 Grid fault Make sure grid voltage and frequency meet the specifications.
Please note that during periods of little or no sunlight, the JFY JSI Solar Inverter may continuously start up and shut down. This is due to the insufficient power generated to operate the control circuits but this is not a trouble.

Here are some more fault messages that you may see on the JFY JSI front panel display.

System fault Auto Test Failed Auto Test does not pass
W01 No grid No Utility, No Grid Connect
W02 Vin overvoltage PV panel Voltage is too high
E01 Isolation error Insulation Problem of PV panel
E02 Ileak error GFCI Fault, leakage current is too high
E03 Grid fault Grid voltage/frequency is out of range
Inverter fault E04 Coherence error Consistent Fault
E05 Over temperature Internal temperature abnormal
E06 Relay failure Output relay Fault
E07 DCinj failure Output Current DC Offset too high
E08 EEPROM failure EEPROM Fault
E09 Com. failure Communication Fault
E10 DC bus OV. DC Bus over-voltage
E11 DC bus UV. DC Bus under-voltage
E12 Vref error 2.5V Reference Voltage Fault
E13 DC sensor fault DC current sensor fault
E14 GFCI failure GFCI Device is damaged

Need service for your solar power system?

The full details are available in the JFY JSI solar inverter manual’s troubleshooting section.

If following the steps above does not fix the issue and your JFY JSI Solar Inverter is still within the warranty period you can contact the equipment installer or supplier. If your inverter is outside the warranty period we suggest that you contact a professional solar power expert. If you’re on the Gold Coast or Brisbane area contact Gold Coast Power Solutions here and we will be in touch to provide you with further assistance.

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