Robina solar power – what about shading? When you’re looking for a solar power system but have shading issues at different times, what do you do? Choose an optimised solar power system from SolarEdge of course! Standard solar panels are connected in series, and when you have shading on one panel it’ll affect the performance of all the other panels it’s connected to. The great thing with SolarEdge is each solar panel is individually optimised, so the shading on one panel doesn’t affect the rest of the system.

Shading. Enemy no.1 of solar panels

Morning shade on solar panels

Robina Solar Panels – Note the morning winter shade

At Simons’ home in Robina there’s a number of large trees that shade the North roof at different times of the day. This shade is especially problematic in the winter when the sun is lower in the sky. As these trees aren’t on Simons’ property, removing or trimming them isn’t really an option. The only viable solution is to try and minimise their effect as much as possible.

Simons’ property is a perfect example of how SolarEdge power optimisers can help achieve maximum performance when shade is an issue. In the pictures you can see how the morning shade in winter is affecting the panels closest to the trees, the other panels however are still working away at full capacity. The lower image is taken from the SolarEdge monitoring portal, it shows how much power each panel is producing. It’s also great for locating faults with solar panels as well.

Solaredge shading

Note the top panels in the shade but that isn’t affecting the other panels as with SolarEdge optimisers they are all working seperately

Simon from Robina: “Great experience from initial enquiry, through quoting and install. Simon, Hiro and Ben and team were all very professional. Communication was constant, install was completed on time without fault. The Solaredge system installed is exceeding our expectations. Thanks again.”

Robina Solar Power: Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions proudly installed Simon’s 10.36 kW back in May of 2021.

Solar Power Specifications:

  • System Size: 10.36 kW
  • System Location: Robina, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
  • Solar Panel Type & Quantity: SolarEdge 370W x 28
  • Solar Inverter: SolarEdge 10 kW single-phase inverter

Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions have been installing solar power systems on the Gold Coast and the surrounding areas since 2008. Our team are experienced, friendly, and local to the Robinaare, in fact, our office is just across the highway in Worongary. We are more than happy to provide you with no-pressure advice to help determine the best solution for your individual requirements. When you have a system installed in the Robina area, we liaise with Energex & your electricity retailer for the upgrade of your electricity meter.

We also provide system maintenance checks and solar panel cleaning, solar power system upgrades, additions, along with repairs and replacements on solar panels and inverters. We have hybrid and off-grid battery systems available too!

If you’re in the Robina area and are after a solar power system, Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions can help you today!

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