The grid connect solar power inverter is considered to be the “heart” of a solar power system as it controls every aspect of the power generation and provides you with an indication of the systems status and performance data. It’s the first port of call to check that your system is operational and should be checked regularly, if it’s working correctly most inverters will display a green light on constant and show how much power is being generated on the display.

If your solar power inverter isn’t working:

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  • Check there hasn’t been a power failure. If there is the inverter will reconnect when power is restored.
  • Check that all solar array switches are in the ON position.
  • Check that the inverter isolators are all in the ON position, both beside the inverter and in the switchboard.
  • Note any fault messages on the inverter display or which LED’s are lit and check the inverter manual for further information.
  • If none of above helps please contact Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions for assistance.

We understand that a solar power system that isn’t working is a liability rather than the asset it should be, we can help you get your solar power system back in operation ASAP.