Have you put a value on your solar inverter, televisions, stereos, computers and other electronic appliances? If you’re like most households your electronic appliances may well be worth tens of thousands of dollars. Did you know that power surges, voltage spikes or a nearby lightning strike can destroy this expensive electronic equipment in an instant?

surge gold coast solar power solutionsYou can keep your valuable hi-tech appliances safeguarded with surge protection. It is recommended that to protect your appliances from all but direct lightning strikes medium and fine surge protectors should be fitted to your switchboard.

The medium surge protector will prevent surges entering the home; it has a removable cartridge with an indicator that turns yellow when it requires replacement. The fine surge protector will protect your sensitive electronic equipment plugged into your power outlets, this works similarly to your surge protected power boards; however being installed inside your switchboard means it will protect ALL your appliances – not just the ones plugged into a surge protected power board.