Go solar but keep your cash.
How much could YOU be saving?

Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions in conjunction with our finance provider can save you thousands of dollars off your power bills without you having to decimate your hard-earned savings account to pay for it.

The cost of electricity on the Gold Coast and across Queensland and New South Wales is on the rise. According to the Australia Energy Market Commission (AEMC), prices are expected to increase by around 8.6% per year until 2016.

As the cost of electricity is rising, so is the uptake of solar power. On the Gold Coast, the sun represents the best source of energy for the best price and can really go a long way to protecting you from the continual increases in power prices. The only problem with solar power systems is that the correct sized system with quality components can cost a whole lot of money; money that is not easily found when it’s taken from you each quarter to pay your electricity bills!

This is where a zero-dollar deposit finance solution can really make sense – quite often we can size a solar power system up to perfectly suit the property which will put you in a cash flow-positive situation from day 1. After the finance period is over you have a quality solar power system that you fully own and will continue to save you thousands of dollars each year; remember that most solar panels have warranties that cover 25 years so this is an investment with real long-term benefits!

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  • Would you like to keep your hard-earned savings but still get all the benefits of solar power?
  • Would you be interested in seeing how the savings on your power bill can pay for your solar power system?
  • Can we show you how to get the optimal solar power system without having to worry about the cost?

As can be seen from the picture to the right it is quite possible that a high-performance solar power system from Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions bundled with a finance package from our finance partner will put you in a much better financial situation as soon as it is installed as the savings on your power bills from the solar power system are higher than the finance repayments!

This really makes solar power a no-brainer decision – why not find out how much you could be saving with solar power today?

Check out the 5 kW solar power finance example shown in the following graph:

As can be seen with these figures from the very first day that the solar power system is installed your investment could be cash flow positive with finance. Financing solar is the smart choice as it allows you to keep your hard-earned savings while still enjoying all the benefits of solar power. The savings on your power bills will go towards paying for your system and in a few years the system will be fully paid for and continue to save you thousands of dollars into the future.

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*PLEASE NOTE – Any estimated savings detailed in this quote or any other documentation you have received from us are indicative only and are not guaranteed. Each property requires its own assessment and will be different to any example shown. If you choose to finance your system using a financing solution the monthly repayments will depend on the funding solution you chose. Any funding solution will be a separate agreement between you and the financier. Any amounts payable by you to the financier will be payable for the term of the funding solution regardless of whether there are any ongoing installation, operational or performance issues or any savings are achieved or any scheme subsidies, discounts or rebates continue to apply. We do not represent the financier or any credit assistance provider and we are not authorised to discuss any aspect of the finance or credit with you. Anything we say or do is completely unrelated to any financier or credit assistance provider that may provide you with finance or credit assistance services.