Currently on the Gold Coast and in Queensland in general with the net feed in tariff you receive a grand total of nothing at all per kWh from the Queensland Government for any power you feed back to the grid. All is not lost however as some electricity retailers will pay you a higher amount for your surplus solar power.

So what about your electricity retailer? Do they actually support your investment in solar power? Most of the energy retailers offer energy from renewable sources for you to buy at a higher rate but won’t actually put their money where their mouth is and reward you for the renewable energy you’ve produced. Urth Energy currently seems to be the best retailer currently to reward your solar power production on top of the Queensland Government feed in tariff of nothing at all. They will actually pay you something for your surplus solar power, so you can sell your surplus electricity for some benefit rather than just giving it away. Hopefully the other energy retailers rise to this standard – Compare QLD electricity retailers here.

Store your surplus solar power in your hot water system

Urth Energy currently pay the highest rate for solar power of up to $0.10c per kWh for your surplus solar power via the net feed in tariff.
AGL are currently paying $0.06c per kWh for your surplus solar electricity via the net feed in tariff.
Origin are currently paying $0.06 per kWh for your surplus solar electricity via the net feed in tariff.

When we are currently paying around 27c including GST per kWh selling any surplus power for a maximum of 10c per kWh doesn’t look that attractive, but it is better than nothing. To learn how to make the very most of this low solar net feed in tariff click here.

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