Having Issues with a Fault Light on an Aero-Sharp Inverter?

Aero-Sharp Inverter Fault LightHere at Gold Coast Power Solutions we’ve seen quite a few issues with Aero-Sharp Inverters where the Fault light is lit; the Power and Fault lights are lit green but the green Run light is not lit.

If working properly, the Power and Run lights should be lit. If one of these is not lit, the inverter will not be working and needs to be checked immediately.

What to do about a Fault Light on Aero Sharp Inverter Issue?

The first thing to try is a reboot of the system using the shutdown procedure below.

  1. Turn off the SOLAR SUPPLY MAIN SWITCH or Inverter AC Isolator (if installed).
  2. Turn off the PV Array DC Isolator located at the inverter.
  3. Wait for approximately 1 minute.
  4. Turn on the SOLAR SUPPLY MAIN SWITCH or AC Isolator (if installed).
  5. Turn on the PV ARRAY DC Isolator.
  6. Wait a few minutes for the inverter to restart.
  7. Check to see if the error has cleared.

If the fault light continues to be lit it looks like you may have a fault that will require the inverter to be repaired or replaced. We recommend replacing the inverter as the best course of action as if you try and get it repaired you’re probably looking at around $500 in repair costs in the following:

  • You’ll need an electrician go to the site to diagnose the fault who will charge you.
  • After checking it out, you’ll need to send it away to an inverter repair agent who will charge you.
  • When the unit is repaired (if it was possible) you will need to have an electrician come back to the site and install the inverter who will charge you again.

As can be seen it is going to cost you to get this issue fixed and at the end of the day you still have a dodgy inverter with no warranty that could fall over again tomorrow. The best thing to do is bite the bullet, spend a bit more and replace your Aero-Sharp inverter it with a good quality inverter that’s going to give you a full warranty. The size of your inverter can be found on the side of the inverter so you know the correct size inverter required to replace the faulty unit.

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Unfortunately Shanghai Aero-Sharp Electric are no longer trading and so the inverter will not be covered under any manufacturer warranty.

If you have a faulty Aero-sharp with the fault light lit and you’ve tried the above and it’s still doing the same thing then you’re going to need to a solar accredited electrician to come and have a look at your system and see if it’s an internal fault with the solar inverter.

If you need further assistance with your Aerosharp Solar Inverter Fault Light issue and please complete the form above under the URGENT heading and we’ll assist you further.

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