Oelmaier Solar Inverter Not Working

Oelmaier Solar Inverter Not WorkingDo you have a sneaking suspicion that your Oelmaier Solar Inverter isn’t working? If so you’ve come to the right place, but before we go any further there’s a couple of things to know about your inverter first.

  1. Oelmaier inverters were sold in Australia by EcoKinetics, who have since gone out of business.
  2. Due to this Oelmaier doesn’t support any of their products in Australia so any warranty you may think you have is useless.

How Do I Know My Oelmaier Solar Inverter Isn’t Working?

There are three different ways to identify that your Oelmaier Solar Inverter is not working:

  1. The Revenue Data menu shows 0 Watts under the “W Day” subheading during the day
  2. The Solar Panel Data menu shows a current of 0 Amps from the solar panels when the sun’s out

If you are seeing one of the above on your Oelmaier inverter then it sounds like it isn’t working; the first thing we recommend you try and do about it is attempt to reboot the inverter by following the instructions below:

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How to Reboot Your Oelmaier Solar Inverter

Your Oelmaier inverter can be a bit like a computer in that sometimes it can run into a glitch which a simple reboot will fix. You can reboot your Oelmaier inverter by following these steps:

  1. Turn OFF the inverter AC isolator (if present beside inverter) or the Solar Supply Main Switch in the switchboard
  2. Turn OFF the PV array DC isolator(s)
  3. Wait for the inverter screen to go completely blank
  4. Turn ON the PV array DC isolator(s)
  5. Turn ON the inverter AC isolator (if present beside inverter) or the Solar Supply Main Switch in the switchboard
  6. Wait 2-3 minutes for the inverter to restart.

Hopefully this will fix the problems with your inverter, but if not, you may see one or more of these error messages upon rebooting:

  1. Error AC Line
  2. Error DC Current

If after attempting the reboot and waiting a couple of minutes for the inverter to start up you are still having the same issue then you need some qualified assistance. The best thing you can do is have a solar accredited electrician come and take a look at the inverter for you. Unfortunately, since Oelmaier doesn’t support their products within Australia, it is unlikely you will be able to make a warranty claim if the issue ends up being with the inverter. If it does end up being a problem with the Oelmaier inverter the best thing to do is replace it with a good quality new inverter complete with full factory warranty. You could pay quite a bit of money to try and have it fixed and then at the end of the day you still have an inverter with no warranty that could fall over again tomorrow.

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