SEA Orion Solar Inverter Relay Failure

SEA Orion Solar Inverter Relay FailureIf you have an SEA Orion Solar Inverter Relay Failure message on the inverter screen, the inverter is telling you there is a fault with a relay inside the inverter.

When you see the Relay Failure message on your SEA Orion solar inverter your inverter is not working at all, so you’ll want to get the issue sorted out as soon as possible. There’s just one thing you can try first and that’s a reboot of your SEA Orion Solar Inverter.

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Relay Failure? Try Rebooting Your SEA Orion Solar Inverter

It is possible that your relay failure could be a one off faulty that will be rectified by a reboot of the inverter, however usually if it does start working again after a reboot it won’t be long before it shows the relay failure message again.

There should be instructions near your inverter on how to reboot your inverter, but if there isn’t, please follow these steps:

  1. Turn OFF the solar supply main switch (or inverter AC isolator if present).
  2. Turn OFF the PV array DC isolator.
  3. Wait for the inverter screen to power down completely and go blank.
  4. Turn ON the PV array DC isolator.
  5. Turn ON the solar supply main switch (or inverter AC isolator if present).
  6. Wait a few minutes while the inverter boots back up.

If after restarting the inverter and waiting a few minutes the “Relay Failure” message comes up again, your inverter is not working and needs immediate attention. You have two options: replacement or repair. The SEA Orion inverters have been around for a while and came with a 5-year warranties, however it is likely that it’s now outside of that 5 year warranty period.

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Assuming your inverter is out of the five warranty period we recommend you replace the inverter with a good quality solar inverter so you don’t have to worry about not being covered the next time your inverter breaks down. The cost of repair is so great that it makes more sense to replace it rather than having to worry about future breakdowns after a repair and being out of pocket again.

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