Sharp JH1600e Solar Inverter d-20 Error Code

Are you seeing a d-20 error code on your Sharp JH1600e Solar Inverter and Sharp JH1600e Solar Inverter d-20 Error Codeyou’re not sure what it means or what you should do about it?

The Sharp JH1600e d-20 error code is an indicator that the inverter is having a problem with its internal temperature sensor – actually in the inverter manual it explains the d-20 event code as “Temperature Sensor Broken”. It’s possible the temperature inside your solar inverter is too irregular for the temperature sensor to process however an internal fault is the most likely cause.

If you’re having an issue with the internal temperature sensor inside your Sharp JH1600e the inverter will be displaying the following:

  1. The “d-20” error code is being shown on the display.
  2. The “EVENT” light is lit red.
  3. The ON-GRID light is not lit.

What to do about a Sharp JH1600e d-20 error code

As soon as you notice that the ON-GRID light isn’t green and the sun is out you really want to take action ASAP as your solar power system isn’t working. First of all we recommend you try a solar power system reboot. Occasionally this will rectify the d-20 fault and restore your Sharp JH1600e solar inverter to regular operation.
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How to Reboot Your Sharp JH1600e Solar Inverter

There should be instructions adjacent to your inverter on how to reboot it, but if you can’t find them please follow the steps:

  1. Turn OFF the solar supply main switch (or inverter AC isolator if present).
  2. Turn OFF the PV array DC isolator.
  3. Wait for the inverter screen to go completely blank.
  4. Turn back ON the PV array DC isolator.
  5. Turn back ON the solar supply main switch (or inverter AC isolator if present).
  6. Wait a few minutes while the inverter boots back up.

If after restarting the inverter the screen returns to the d-20 error code message, it looks like you do have an internal problem with the temperature sensor inside your inverter. Unfortunately an internal temperature sensor error like this will mean your inverter needs to be repaired or replaced.

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Sharp JH1600e Solar Inverter Warranty

The manufacturer warranty on the Sharp JH1600e inverter is for a period of 5 years from the installation date and does cover the d-20 error code issue. To make a warranty claim give Sharp a call with your serial number and proof that the system was installed within the last five years and Sharp should be able to help you further.

My Warranty Has Expired – What Should I Do?

If your warranty has expired unfortunately you will need to pay to have your inverter repaired or replace the inverter altogether. We don’t recommend the repair option as it will cost quite a bit and if the repaired inverter breaks down again you’ll have to fork out even more. We highly recommend replacing faulty, out of warranty Sharp JH1600e inverters with a quality new inverter backed by a full manufacturers warranty.

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