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Ginlong Solis Solar Inverter is a value-priced brand of inverters manufactured in China. Due to the high range of faults that Chinese inverters are known for there are not a lot of reputable solar installing companies that offer this inverter.

But if you find that there’s a fault in your Ginlong Solis Solar Inverter, we have put together a list of faults, descriptions, and actions from the Ginlong Solis user manual for your quick reference.

For this inverter, the LCD screen will display an alarm message in case of failure. When this happens the inverter may stop feeding into the grid. Here are the failure descriptions and their corresponding alarm messages.

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Alarm Message Failure description Proper Shutdown Procedure
OV-G-V Over grid voltage If the inverter displays any alarm message on this list, turn off the inverter and wait for 5 minutes before restarting it. Refer to the instructions below to stop and start your inverter. If the failure persists, please contact your local distributor or the service center.

To stop the Inverter, the following steps must be strictly followed:

1. Switch the Grid Supply Main Switch (AC) OFF.

2. Wait 30 seconds. Switch the DC Isolator OFF. All the LEDs of the inverter will be off in a minute.

To start up the Inverter, it is important that the following steps are strictly followed:

1. Switch the Solar Supply Main Switch (AC) ON first.

2. Switch the DC Isolator ON. If the voltage of PV arrays is higher than start up voltage, the inverter will turn on. The red LED power will light, and the LCD shows the company’s name and the inverter model.

3. When both the DC and the AC grid sides supply to the inverter, it will be ready to generate power. Initially, the inverter will check both its internal parameters and the parameters of the AC grid, to ensure that they are within the acceptable limits. At the same time, the green LED will flash and the LCD displays the information of INITIALIZING.

4. After 30-180 seconds (depending on local requirement), the inverter will start to generate power. The green LED will be on continually and the LCD displays GENERATING.

UN-G-V Under grid voltage
OV-G-F Over grid frequency
UN-G-F Under grid frequency
G-IMP High grid impedance
NO-GRID No grid voltage
OV-DC Over DC voltage
OV-BUS Over DC bus voltage
UN-BUS Under DC bus voltage
GRID-INTF. Grid interference
INI-FAULT Initialization system fault
OV-TEM Over Temperature
GROUND-FAULT Ground fault
ILeak-FAULT High Grid leakage current
Relay-FAULT Relay check fault
DCinj-FAULT High DC injection current

Need service for your solar power system?

The full information is available in the Ginlong Solis solar inverter manual’s troubleshooting section. In case performing the steps above does not fix the issue and your Ginlong Solis Solar Inverter is still within the warranty period you can contact the equipment installer or supplier. Be ready with the serial number, installation date, description of the issue and system design for the PV array configuration (e.g. number of panels, capacity of panels, number of strings, etc.).

If your inverter is outside the warranty period we suggest that you contact a professional solar power expert. If you’re in the Gold Coast or Brisbane area contact Gold Coast Power Solutions here and we will be in touch to provide you with further assistance.

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