Sharp JH1600E inverters D-27 fault codesGold Coast Solar Power Solutions used to be a service agent for Sharp for their JH1600e solar power inverters until Sharp changed their service model, so if you’re on the Gold Coast and own a Sharp inverter and it develops a fault you can contact us here and we’ll get your solar power system back in action ASAP.

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When a Sharp JH1600 inverter has a fault it usually comes up with a error or event code to explain what’s wrong; the following table lists these codes so you can get an idea on what your inverter is trying to tell you and what you can do about it.

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Sharp JH1600 Inverter Fault Codes Beginning with F-

Sharp JH1600 inverter fault codes beginning with F are caused by the power from the street (the grid) being outside the inverters operating parameters. The Sharp JH1600 inverter reacts by disconnecting from the grid and attempts to switch on again after the specified mains monitoring period, as long as no further errors occur during this period. When the grid conditions are again within the inverters operating parameters the inverter should reconnect to the grid and continue operation.

Error Description
F-00 Utility over-voltage
F-01 Utility under-voltage
F-02 Utility frequency over
F-03 Utility frequency under
F-06 Anti-islanding (frequency over)
F-07 Anti-islanding (frequency under)
F-08 Miss utility synchronal lock signal
F-09 Frequency abnormal (50<->60 Hz)

Sharp JH1600 Inverter Fault Codes Beginning with P-

Sharp JH1600 inverter codes beginning with P specify that the voltage coming from the solar panels is outside the inverter parameters.

Error Description
  Solar panel array under voltage (<60 V). The screen is blank in this case, as this happens everyday when the sun goes down.
P-11 Solar Panel array over voltage (>320 V)

Sharp JH1600 Inverter Fault Codes Beginning with E- or d-

Is your Sharp JH-1600E showing a D-27 error code on the screen?Sharp JH1600 fault codes beginning with E or d are error states that are more serious. These errors always start as E codes but when the fault continues it will change to a d code. They are either temporary or lasting faults and are triggered by faulty hardware or a software problem. Try switching off the inverter following the system shutdown procedure, leave off for a few minutes then attempt to restart. If the fault continues please contact your local solar power experts such as Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions for further assistance.

Error Description
E15 -> d-15 Relay sticking
E16 -> d-16 Communication error
E17 -> d-17 Aux-power abnormal
E18 Ground fault
d-20 Temperature sensor broken
E21 -> d-21 Output over current Learn more about the D-21 error here
E22 -> d-22 DC offset over rating
E23 -> d-23 Fin high temperature
E26 -> d-26 DC/DC converter abnormal
E27 -> d-27 Relay open Learn more about the D-27 error here
E28 DC bus voltage abnormal
d-40 EEPROM abnormal

Need a quality solar inverter? We deliver Australia wide If you have a Sharp JH1600e inverter that is out of warranty or coming up with a D-27 or D-21 error code the best thing to do is replace the inverter. Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions recommend Fronius inverters as the best replacement for your Sharp inverter.

Fronius are an Austrian manufacturer of solar inverters and are well known for their quality and fast response to warranty claims. If you are on the Gold Coast or South Brisbane and your Sharp inverter is giving you problems then contact us here or give us a call on 07 55 228 980 – we are here to help ensure that your solar power system remains an asset rather than a liability!

View Sharp JH1600e Inverter Manual Here

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