D-27 Fault on your Sharp JH1600 Inverter? Here’s what to do.

Is your Sharp JH-1600E showing a D-27 error code on the screen?
Have you just walked past your Sharp JH1600 solar inverter and been greeted with a D-27 fault on the screen?

Unfortunately the D-27 error is a major internal fault with the inverter and the official response from Sharp to this code is: “the D-27 fault is caused by excessive voltage transients on the input or output of the inverter.

It is highly likely that an external factor such as Lightning or Power surge on the Grid is the root cause of this issue. These type of faults may be covered by Domestic Home Insurance.”

D-27 Fault – Not Covered by Sharp’s Warranty

As Sharp are stating that the D-27 fault is caused by an external factor they are wiping their hands of all responsibility, so you can pretty much read into this that it’s a fault that Sharp will not be covering under warranty.

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Sharp D-27 Fault – What To Do

If your Sharp JH1600 inverter was installed by someone other than Origin or you have given up on receiving decent service from Origin the best thing to do is replace the faulty inverter with a quality 1.5kW solar power inverter. We recommend the Fronius Galvo 1.5 as a nearly bulletproof replacement unit with a long 10 year parts warranty that is perfectly sized to replace the Sharp JH1600.
Sharp JH1600E inverters D-27 fault codes
As also mentioned in Sharp’s response the D-27 fault code is usually caused by lightning or a power surge from the power grid. If you are on the Gold Coast or Brisbane Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions can certainly help you get your solar power system fully operational again ASAP, why not contact us now to get the ball rolling? If you are somewhere else in Australia and after a replacement inverter please click on the following link, we have quality replacement solar inverters in stock ready to be delivered to your door.

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