solar panel cleaning

Quality solar panels are designed to be self cleaning with rainfall, which is good for us here on the Gold Coast as we usually have quite regular rainfall. If we do have a dry spell though the build up of dust and dirt on your solar panels will undoubtably reduce the power produced by your solar panels. If we are going through a dry spell it is a good idea to have someone give the solar panels the once over with a hose or wet cloth to maintain the maximum power output possible.  Even if you are receiving regular rainfall it isn’t a bad idea to check the condition of your solar panels occasionaly to check that they are free from foreign matter. A tree branch or big bat or bird dropping covering a few cells will significantly decrease the power output of your whole system, so it is worth keeping an eye on your panels!

*Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions are able to clean solar panels but only as an addition to a System Check service visit.

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