At Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions we firmly believe in utilising quality solar panels.

Solar panels are installed in extremely harsh environments where they have to endure a wide range of temperatures, U.V. radiation, high winds, rain and even hail. If you are located within a kilometre from the coast the solar panels also have to be able to endure salt spray from the sea.
30kW of solar panels proudly installed by Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions
Quality solar panels are designed to handle these elements every day. Solar panels are backed by long warranties guaranteeing the power output that you can expect; with long warranties it is very important to ensure you use solar panels from manufacturers that are long standing, reputable firms that are not going to disappear any time soon. Unfortunately in our time in the industry we have seen many “cheap” manufacturers come and go, leaving disgruntled customers in their wake.

Please take the time to read and understand the following information in regards to solar panels and quality brands that we recommend.

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REC Solar Panels: At Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions our solar panel of choice is the REC 250W. We have found the REC solar panels to be very reliable with a superb power output in real world conditions. The following are some of the great attributes of REC Solar that we believe make them a stand out from the competition;

  • REC Solar is a vertically integrated company responsible for the product throughout the whole supply chain.
  • REC solar panels found in Australia are manufactured in a state of the art automated facility in Singapore.
  • Automated production means less human error and tolerances between solar panels are much closer – this equals higher power output.
  • Proven in independent testing by Photon and the Fraunhofer institute to output more power in real world conditions than the competition.

View data sheet for REC Solar panels
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Visit REC Solar online

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DAQO Group Main Industries

DAQO Group Main Industries

For high performance solar panels without the huge price Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions use and highly recommend DAQO solar panels. DAQO is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE ticker: DQ) and is a member of the DAQO Group, a top 100 enterprise in the Chinese machinery industry and one of China’s top 500 companies, as defined by China’s Ministry of Commerce.

The DAQO solar panel production line is fully vertically integrated from the polysilicon to ingot, ingot to wafer, from wafer to cells and finally from cells to panels. DAQO is a leading polysilicon producer of 9N grade polysilicon and all DAQO solar panels are built to very high standards that are listed in detail on our DAQO Solar panels page.

Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions have installed thousands of DAQO solar panels all over the Gold Coast for many happy customers; why not contact us today and see how DAQO solar panels can help cut your power bills dramatically?

DAQO solar panels

Interested in learning more about DAQO solar panels? Check out the following links:

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Sanyo/Panasonic Solar Panels: The Sanyo brand has now been consolidated into Panasonic. HIT solar panels are leaders in sunlight conversion efficiency and are the panel of choice for any quality grid connect solar power system. Using proprietary technology Panasonic has developed solar cells that are a hybrid between mono crystalline and amorphous cells. Highlighting the benefits of both technologies Panasonic has developed the HIT cell, which not only produces 230W from the area of an average 190W panel, but will also output around 10% more power on a hot summers day than a mono crystalline panel. This means more power being produced for your dollar.

Panasonic silicone wafers inside HIT solar panels are made in California, the panels are then assembled in Japan in an ISO9001 (quality), ISO14001 (environment) & ISO18001(safety) certified factory.

Panasonic provides a 5 year product workmanship and 25 year power output warranty on all panels.