Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions are specialists in commercial solar power systems having installed megawatts of solar power on the Gold Coast and South East Queensland over the years with hundreds of kilowatts being in the commercial sector.

commercial solar power systems proudly installed by Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions

Commercial Solar Power Benefits

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The Benefits Of Commercial Solar Power With Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions

Whatever your situation may be we can arrange a site inspection of your premises and we will work with you to maximise the benefits of solar power; at the same time we can perform an energy audit outlining areas where you can lower your energy consumption in practical, cost effective measures.

Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions are the business solar power experts

Large Reductions on Electricity Bills with Commercial Solar Power

Most commercial properties are using a large proportion of their power in business hours. This type of power consumption is just perfect to benefit from commercial solar power as this daytime power consumption can be offset by solar power very well.

With this graph you can see the commercial power consumption of the property against the commercial solar power production of the property.
The image above shows the power consumption in red and solar power production in green from a commercial solar power system designed, supplied and installed by Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions. This particular solar power system is installed flat to the roof at a pitch of only 3 degrees with 82 REC 245W solar panels connected to 2 Sunny Tripower 10kW inverters.

As can be seen the solar curve very neatly fits in the daytime power consumption pattern of this business. From the energy axis on the right hand side of the graph you can see from the shaded red section that around 230kWh of power was consumed on this day – at the current electricity price including GST of $0.31 per kWh these costs and savings would be as follows:

  • 230kWh x 0.31c = $71.30 of power consumed during this time period (without solar)
  • 120kWh x 0.31c = $37.20 of solar power produced during the day*
  • $71.30 – $37.20 = $34.10 total power billed after solar power savings*

Isn’t that amazing! With a business such as the example above using a similar amount of power every day of the year savings of around 40 – 50% can be expected every year on power bills. That is effectively saving the business around $12,446.50 per year or around $9,000 per year if power is consumed at this rate only on weekdays. What could an appropriately sized solar power system be saving you and your business?
*solar power production does fluctuate throughout the year. Some days would have lower solar power yields whilst other days would have higher solar power yields, especially over the longer days in the summer months.

Insulate your business from the brunt of future electricity price hikes

If you think the savings mentioned in the example above are good just think how the savings will increase when the price of electricity goes up? Over the last 3 years the cost of electricity has risen around 40% nationally. If prices continue to rise at that alarming rate this business could be saving an additional $4500 per year on electricity bills in 3 years time? Are you and your business ready to cover that type of rising cost?

Reduce the carbon foot print of your business

A great way to lower your carbon footprint is by installing a commercial solar power system on your business.What is your businesses carbon footprint? The carbon footprint of a business does include the carbon produced by the production of the electricity that you consume but is also made up of a lot more than just that; it also includes your businesses fuel use, waste, food, transport etc. A commercial solar power system certainly does help in lowering the carbon footprint though, on average per 1 kW of solar power system installed you can expect 1500 kg or 1.5 tonnes of carbon emissions saved per year. So for our 20.09kW commercial solar power example above we could expect savings of 30135 kgs, that is a reduction of over 30 tonnes of carbon emissions per year!

Enhance your businesses “green” credentials and environmentally friendly image

Nothing says “green” like solar power panels. In our modern business environment your businesses “green credentials” can potentially make or break your important business deals. Why risk that when the benefits of commercial solar power for your business are so obvious?

Businesses & Commercial Properties Benefitting from Solar Power

Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions have helped a large number of businesses and commercial properties benefit from solar power. Check out some of the following examples:

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