B&B Solar Inverters

B&B Solar InverterB&B solar inverters are designed and manufactured by a Chinese company B&B, which is a subsidiary of another company called MOSO. We first came across the B&B solar inverters after receiving a typical phone call – a customer with a B&B inverter installed by another company. Now a couple of years later they are having issues with the inverter and lo and behold! The company who installed the system isn’t around! Unfortunately the B&B inverter company isn’t represented locally in Australia and this is always a big problem. No Australian representation = No support. Yes you can ring China and try and talk to the manufacturer. From our personal experience I wish you luck with that.

It’s always important to frequently check the operation of your solar inverter to ensure it’s working correctly. You can be sure your B&B solar inverter is working normally by checking the following:

  1. The inverter says “On Grid”
  2. The readout shows there is power being produced in W (Watts)
  3. The inverter has 2 green lights on

Problems With Your B&B Solar Inverter

When the B&B solar inverter is operation the red alarm light to the top right of the screen area should not be lit. If the alarm light is lit then there is a an issue with your solar power system and it isn’t working. If you ever see the red alarm light on and the sun is out, the first thing we would recommend you try is a reboot of the B&B inverter.

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How to Reboot Your B&B Solar Inverter

Your B&B inverter can be a bit like a computer in that sometimes it can run into a glitch which a simple reboot will fix. You can reboot your inverter by following these steps:

  1. Turn OFF the inverter AC isolator (if one is present) or the Solar Supply Main Switch in the switchboard
  2. Turn OFF the PV array DC isolator(s)
  3. Wait for the inverter screen to go completely blank
  4. Turn ON the PV array DC isolator(s)
  5. Turn ON the inverter AC isolator (if one is present) or the Solar Supply Main Switch in the switchboard
  6. Wait 2-3 minutes for the inverter to restart.

If after attempting the reboot and waiting a couple of minutes for the inverter to start up you are still having the same issue then you need some qualified technical assistance. The best thing you can do is have a solar accredited electrician come and take a look at the inverter for you – if the company that originally installed it for you is still around I would recommend giving them a call, however since you’re on this page I doubt they are.

Common B&B errors and solutions

Faults Diagnosis and Solutions
Grid Fault -Waiting for one minute, grid will go back to normal working state.
-Making sure that grid voltage and frequency complies with standards.
-Or, please seek for help from us.
-Off to grid.
-Please check grid-connection, like wire, interface, etc.
-Checking grid usability.
-Or seek for help from us.
Pv1 Volt Over Fault

Pv2 Volt Over Fault

-Checking the panel’s open-circuit voltage whether the value is similar or already >Max.DC voltage.
-Please seek help from us when voltage
≤ Max.DC voltage.
DCI Gird over limit -Disconnect the PV (+), PV (-) with DC input, then reconnect them.

-Check L line and N line to see whether it has connection faults.

-Please seek for help from us when this fault happens.

Relay Short

Relay Open

-Disconnect the PV (+), PV (-) with DC input, then reconnect them.-Please seek for help from us if it can not go back to normal state.
1. Check the warning or fault messages on the information panel. Record the message if displayed for further action.
2. Try the solution indicated above
3. If your inverter information panel didn’t have a Fault light, check the following list to make sure that the present state of the installation allows proper operation of the unit.
— Is the inverter located in a clean, dry, ventilated place?
— Have the DC input breakers been opened?
— Is the size & length of cables suitable?
— Are the input and output connections and wiring in good condition?
— Are the configurations settings correct for your particular installation?
—Are the display panel and the communications cable properly connected without damage?
Contact B&B Power Customer Service for further assistance. Please provide your details of installation, model & serial number of the unit to us when inquiry.