Unfortunately Aero-Sharp inverters are not being covered by the manufacturer for warranty faults as the Aero Sharp company is no longer in business. If however you have a fault code or error code on your Aero-Sharp inverter please see the following list of fault codes from the Aero-Sharp inverter manual.

Aero-Sharp Fault and Error Code Displays

Aero-Sharp fault codes are divided into two categories: CAT I faults and CAT II faults. When a CAT I fault occurs the inverter will stop operating while it can continue to operate when a CAT II fault occurs. The break down of the fault codes is as follows:

Aero-Sharp CAT I Fault Codes

When an Aero-Sharp inverter is displaying a CAT I fault only fault information, not operating information will be displayed. If the faults are more than one, the display will continually scroll between the faults every 5 seconds.
There are 5 types of CAT I fault as follows:Aero-Sharp inverter CATI fault codes

  1. BIT Failure
  2. Ground Fault
  3. PV1 Over Volt
  4. PV2 Over Volt
  5. System Error

The system will stop operating upon occurence of the 3rd and 4th faults and will re-commence operation automatically upon disappearance of these faults. The system stops upon occurrence of the 1st, 2nd and/or 5th faults and will require manual repair to eliminate the fault condition.

Aero-Sharp CAT II Fault Codes

With CAT II fault codes on Aero-Sharp inverters there are two lines of information about the fault on the display. The upper line displays the fault information while the lower line displays information of the operating status and statistic information. If more than one fault is present the display will scroll between the faults with 5 second intervals.

There are five types of CAT II faults as follows;

  1. PV Over Power
  2. Grid Volt Error
  3. Grid Freq. Error
  4. TVS1 (Transient Voltage Suppressor 1) Failure
  5. TVS2 (Transient Voltage Suppressor 2) Failure

When the 1st, 4th and / or 5th fault conditions occur the system will still operate normally while there will be advice when TVS1 or TVS2 (Internal Transient Voltage Suppressors) need to be replaced. The system will stop operating upon occurrence of the 2nd and 3rd faults; it will however automatically reconnect when the grid is back within the inverter specifications.

Aero-Sharp solar inverter CAT II Fault codesThe lower line as mentioned above will display the operating status and statistic information as follows:

Vgrid: Value range 0 to 499, unit: V

Pout: Value range: 0 to 3999, unit: W

Vpv1: Value range: 0 to 499, unit: V

Vpv2: Value range: 0 to 499, unit: V

E-Today: Value range: 0.0 to 99.9, unit: kWh

E-Total: Value range: 0 to 300000, unit: kWh

T-Today: Value range: 0.0 to 24.0, unit: h

T-Total: Value range: 0 to 99999, unit: h

Internal Tmp: Value range: -100 to 100, unit: °C

Mode: used to indicate the operating mode the Aero-Sharp inverter is currently in.

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