Heating and Cooling uses the most energy in an average household, approximately 45%! To reduce this energy usage, consider the following tips.


  • Check your ceiling and walls have insulation – install or repair as required.

  • Seal around door jambs and windows to reduce air leaks and draughts

  • Incorporate passive solar design in your home. Capture the energy from the winter sun and avoid capturing the suns energy in summer.  Use cross-flow ventilation on summer nights to let trapped hot air out.

  • Can you use a fan instead of the air conditioner? Fans are far more economical.

  • If using the air conditioner for cooling, set the thermostat for 25 degrees or higher. Every degree higher will save you up to another 10% in cooling costs

  • When heating set the thermostat to 20 degrees or lower, every degree lower can save another 5-10% in heating costs

  • Wear clothing that is most appropriate for temperature

By implementing these tips you will be on the path to seeing your power bill go down rather than up!