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Mudgeeraba Bowls Club is a two green lawn bowls club situated at Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast. As a local organisation catering for the bowling community the club has unenviable job of trying to keep prices for patrons as affordable as possible whilst ensuring the running costs of the club are covered. With the continual rise in power costs over the last few years the decision was made to investigate the viability of a solar power system for the club in the hope that it would make a significant dent in the clubs power bills.

When Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions were first approached by the club to investigate the viability of a solar power system there already was a solar power system installed, unfortunately however this system was of very poor quality, drastically undersized for the clubs requirements and very poorly installed. This existing system was also taking up prime north facing roof real estate with inefficient old solar panels so the decision was made to provide for the removal of the existing solar power system within the scope of works of a new solar power system proposal.

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Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions was asked to provide a solution to suit the clubs requirements and after inspecting the facility and assessing the clubs power consumption history a 24.96kW solar power system was designed to suit the sites day time power consumption. At the request of Energex this system was also designed to be a “zero export” system; Energex would not allow any surplus solar power to be sent back to the power grid.

Mudgeeraba Bowls Power consumption production

Graph showing power consumption and production at the club

The solar proposal utilising quality equipment complete with long warranties was presented to the management team and with the systems estimated Return on Investment (RoI) of just 3 years and estimated power bill savings to an amount greater than $230,000 over the next 25 years the decision was made by the board to move forward with the installation.

In October 2016 Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions supplied and installed 96 x Jinko 260W Smart solar panels on the Mudgeeraba Bowls Club connected to a Solar Edge 25 kW 3 phase inverter. Utilising the SolarEdge module level power optimisation and monitoring technology allows both the Bowls Club management and Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions to keep a close eye on the performance of the entire system and ensure the very highest yield is achieved from each solar panel installed.

View current production information on the Mudgeeraba Bowls Club solar power system here.

Since installation the Mudgeeraba Bowls Club have seen their power bills cut by over 40% which comes to a substantial dollar value that is only set to increase as the price of grid power continues to rise.

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Company / Organisation Mudgeeraba Bowls Club
Location Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast Australia
Installation Date October 2016
Industry Club / Entertainment
Solution 96 x Jinko 260 W Smart Solar Panels
1 x SolarEdge 25 kW 3 phase Inverter
1 x SolarEdge Electricity Meter
Estimated Savings Over 25 Years Over $230,000.00
CO2 Equivalent Abatement per year 31 Tonnes
Energy Output per year 37,870 kWh

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