Appliances such as pool pumps use a large amount of power, potentially adding $150 to each quarter’s power bill. This amount can be reduced by 30% by connecting your pool pump to an off peak tariff. A timer and contactor are installed in your switchboard to control when the pool pump turns on and off, we then organise Energex to install a new meter in you meter box to meter your off peak usage. With your pool pump connected to an off peak tariff you will save 30% on your pool power bills – the only down side to this is that power will not be available to your pool pump each day between 5pm and 9pm.

Future Wave energy saving drives are an eligible product under Energex's Positive Payback scheme


Right now when you connect your Gold Coast pool to off peak tariff 33 Energex will give you a $200 EFTPOS gift card! There has never been a better time to connect your pool to off peak power!

Find out more information about the Energex $200 off peak pool connection incentive

If you are happy being without power to an appliance through this time to benefit from a 30% saving, then this off peak tariff can also be used to power air conditioners, dishwashers, water bed heaters, driers and hot water systems. This also has a great side benefit as the owner of a solar power system; any load that is connected to the off peak tariff will not be taken as power that you are using before you sell power back to the grid – effectively giving you the opportunity to sell more solar power back as surplus, this effectively equals savings on your power bill!