With our tropical climate here on the Gold Coast, many homes have a pool in the backyard. Pools are great in the summer months but to keep them clean a pool pump needs to be running for many hours each day. Pool Pumps are usually quite energy-intensive to run and with the price of power continuing to rise what can you do to minimize this ongoing running cost of your pool?


Right now when you connect your Gold Coast pool to the off-peak tariff 33 Energex will give you a $250 EFTPOS gift card! There has never been a better time to connect your pool to off-peak power!

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Off-Peak Tariff 33 for your pool on the Gold Coast

One way to reduce this pool running cost is by connecting your pool to off-peak power, and the Energex power tariff known as tariff 33. By having a licensed electrical contractor such as Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions carry out this work you can expect to save around $300 a year on your power bills, and potentially even more if you have solar panels installed on your roof.

Off Peak Tariff 33 For Your Pool – Extra benefits with solar power?

I mentioned earlier that with your pool on off-peak tariff 33 you can expect an annual saving on your power bill of around $300 per year, but if you have solar power panels the amount of power saved each year can be quite a lot more than this. This is due to the fact that pool pumps are usually running during the day when your solar power system is also running. On the Gold Coast and in all of Queensland you are paid a higher rate for any surplus solar power that you produce; if you are running a pool pump on a normal peak tariff during the day this will mean that your solar power system has to produce enough power to cover your home usage including the pool pump before any solar power goes back to the grid as surplus; if your pool pump is on off-peak tariff 33 this usage is not classed as the power that you are using before solar power goes back in surplus, so if your pool pump is on off-peak tariff 33 you will suddenly have a whole heap more solar power as surplus to feed back to the power grid, saving you more money!

How does a pool connected to Off-Peak Tariff 33 save you money?

If you are on the Gold Coast having your pool connected to off-peak tariff 33 will save you money by the fact that you are only paying for pool power in an “off-peak” time, this means that in peak power times, which on the Gold Coast is between 5 pm to 9 pm, you will not have any power available to run your pool. This can be a disadvantage if you like to run a water feature or the like, but the annual savings on your power bill can tend to outweigh this disadvantage.