Solar Power Owners on the Gold Coast Stuck With Faulty KLNE Sunteams Inverters

[singlepic id=315 w=195 h=225 float=right]Lately KLNE Sunteams inverters manufactured by Beijing KinLong New Energy (KLNE) have been causing headaches for their owners on the Gold Coast. At Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions we have been receiving a large number of enquiries from people who have had a solar power system installed by another company with a KLNE solar power inverter and this KLNE inverter has subsequently failed. The KLNE subsidiary in Australia has now been placed in liquidation which I am led to believe is due to the large amount of warranty claims being made on the KLNE inverter products.

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KLNE Australia Subsidiary Bankrupt

[singlepic id=316 w=300 h=120 float=right] KLNE (KinLong New Energy) is a Chinese company and unfortunately their Australian Subsidiary offering the KLNE inverters has gone bankrupt. The bad news is the Chinese head office of KLNE is not honoring the warranties of these units sold in Australia, and this has left an untold number of their solar power customers with no warranties for the inverters that they have had installed, and it seems like the KLNE inverters are failing all around the Gold Coast. There is a company in Brisbane that repairs KLNE inverter problems but obviously this is at a cost as the following steps will need to be taken:
1.You need to pay to have a licensed electrician remove your faulty solar inverter.
2.The problem KLNE Sunteams inverter will need to be delivered to the Brisbane electronics repair company.
3.You will need to pay for the repair of the inverter.
4.The repaired inverter will need to be sent back to you at a cost.
5.You will need to have a licensed electrician re install your repaired KLNE inverter.

With all the above costs I would not expect any change from $500 and then you still have the KLNE Sunteams inverter with no warranty – just hold your breath until the next fault develops!

The best solution is to replace the problem inverter with a new, quality unit complete with a full 5 or 10 year warranty that will actually be honoured.

Quality Replacement Solar Power Inverters

At Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions we are really saddened to see the number of people that have been left with solar power systems that are not operational by this company and others using inferior components. If you are one of these people with a solar power system that is not functioning due to a faulty inverter we can supply and install a quality replacement inverter for you as quickly as possible; we fully understand that a solar power system that is not operational is a liability rather than the asset it should be.

The old saying comes to mind, “Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten”

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