Future Wave Energy saving drives are a great way to lower the costs of running your motors.If you own a pool pump you owe it to yourself to look into a Future Wave energy-saving drive to cut your pool pump’s power requirements dramatically. Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions have installed many Future Waves devices around the Gold Coast and have a growing list of happy customers who are saving hundreds of dollars each year on their power bills.

Many people don’t realize that a pool pump will be one of, if not the most power-hungry appliance in your home, and with this being the case it makes sense to make this device work as efficiently as possible.

A Future Wave could be saving you 60% to 70% on your pool running costs

Across all the pools Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions has installed Future Wave energy saving drives on we have found the savings to be in an average range of 60% to 70%, with up to 89% savings possible in optimal situations. Let’s do the sums on those savings:

Say you have a 1.1 kW pump running for 6 hours a day on average throughout the year, and that you’re paying 29c for electricity (approx. current QLD rate for peak power including GST)

(1.1 kW x 6 hrs a day) x 365 days = 2,409 kWh per year
2,409 kWh x $0.29 = $698 a year, that’s how much your pool pump is costing you to run right now.

Let’s say that the Future Wave only saves you 60%, that’s the lower end of the average savings.

60% off of 1.1 kW = 0.44kW working power.

(0.44 x 6 hrs a day) x 365 days = 963 kWh per year
963 kWh x $0.29 = $279 a year, this is the pool running cost with a Future Wave installed.

So the current pool running cost of $698 can be dropped down to $279 a year with a Future Wave Energy Saver, potentially saving you $419 a year on your power bills! This example is a very realistic, conservative example, obviously, if your pump is larger than this example and/or runs for a longer period then you could expect even higher savings. Check out the savings calculator at the bottom of this page to get an idea of what a Future Wave could be saving you!

How does the Future Wave save you energy?

Future Wave energy saving drives are an eligible product under Energex's Positive Payback schemeThe heart of the Future Wave is a high-end Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). VFDs have been used for many years in the electric motor industry to control the speed and start up of motors but it has only been in recent years with the astronomical rise of electricity prices that the benefits of VFD’s in regards to energy savings has come to the fore.

What the Future Wave does is adjust the frequency of the motor down from the standard grid frequency of 50Hz, and by lowering the frequency of the motor the motor speed and power consumed is dropped down. The real secret here is that the flow rate through the pump and the power consumed by the pool pump are not proportional. You can reduce the flow rate by between 20% to 30% and get up to an 80% reduction in power required.
Additional benefits with the Future Wave energy saving drive include:

  • Improved filter efficiency
  • Pool pumps run quieter
  • Pool pumps last longer due to running cooler & lower wear
  • Lower power consumed = lower green house emissions

Why not contact us and find out what a Future Wave energy saving drive could be saving you?

Future Wave energy saving drives are also available to suit any size motor, not just pool pumps so if you have a motor in an application and want to find out how you could lower its running costs please contact us as we are happy to help.