ABB / Power-One Aurora Int Error E031 – What to do

Is your ABB or Power One Aurora solar inverter displaying Int. Error E031? Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions can help!

Have you just walked past your ABB or Power-One solar inverter and been greeted with an Int. Error E031 fault message on the screen?

According to the ABB / Power-One Aurora operators manual Int. Error E031 indicates a wrong voltage measure or a voltage misreading by the inverter.  In other words, the inverter has an issue where it isn’t measuring voltage correctly. In our experience, we’ve found that E031 errors are caused by issues with the relays inside the inverter. Unfortunately, the E031 Error is an internal error which means your inverter will need to be replaced.

Int. Error E031 Fault – Covered by ABB / Power-One Aurora Warranty

Thankfully if your ABB or Power-One Aurora inverter is showing the Int. Error E031 we do have some good news for you – it is covered under warranty. Warranty coverage is, however, dependant on the inverter still being within the warranty period. ABB / Power-One solar inverters came with a standard 5-year warranty so subsequently for a valid warranty claim it would’ve needed to have been installed with the last 5 years.

ABB / Power-One Aurora Inverter Int. Error E031 Fault – What To Do

If your ABB / Power-One Aurora inverter was installed within the last 5 years it should still be covered under warranty. If so please contact the manufacturer directly. Power-One & ABB solar inverter warranties are covered by a company called FIMER.

FIMER, who honour the Power-One / ABB warranties, can be contacted on 1800 769 663.

If your ABB / Power-One Aurora inverter with the Int. Error E031 is out of the 5-year warranty we recommend replacing it with a quality new unit. You can try and have the faulty internal relays repaired however in our experience even after being repaired it doesn’t take long for another problem to develop. If that happens you’ll have to throw more money at the thing, so it makes sense to bite the bullet and get a new inverter with a full warranty from the start. For this purpose, we recommend Fronius solar power inverters as they have a long 10-year parts warranty and are a perfect replacement for the ABB / Power-One Aurora inverters.

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Int. Error E031 error on your ABB / Power-One Aurora inverter and it’s out of warranty? Click here to learn about the quality replacement inverters we recommend.

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