Do you have an Aerosharp Solar Inverter Grid Volt Error Issue?

Aerosharp Solar Inverter Grid Volt ErrorWhen an Aerosharp solar inverter is displaying a Grid Volt Error message the Power and Fault lights on the inverter are lit which means it’s detecting solar power but there is a fault – if the run light is not lit your Aero-Sharp inverter isn’t working, so you will want to do something about this ASAP.

The AeroSharp Grid Volt Error message is telling you that the inverter is not detecting any power from the electricity grid. If you see this error there are a couple of things you can check as follows.

What can you do about an Aerosharp Solar Inverter Grid Volt Error issue?

Check for the following:

  • See if the switches are turned on such as the inverter AC Isolator beside the inverter (if applicable) and the Solar Supply Main Switch on the switchboard.
  • Check if the AC plug to the inverter (on the right-hand side) is connected properly.

If you have power from the street on all your other appliances, you’ve checked the above and your inverter is still showing the Grid Volt Error message you are going to need to employ the services of a local solar accredited electrician. They will need to check that power is reaching the inverter from your switchboard by testing the voltage at the AC plug of the inverter. If 240V is present at the inverter and the Grid Volt error issue persists it is indicating that there’s an internal fault with the inverter.

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If the inverter is installed within the last 5 years it should be covered under warranty, but unfortunately Aero-Sharp Electric is no longer around to honor any warranties. You can have the inverter repaired but this is quite costly and will still leave you with an inferior-quality inverter without a warranty. In our opinion, it’s best to bite the bullet and replace it with a good quality inverter that’s going to give you a full warranty. If you decide to do this it’s important to know the power rating of your AeroSharp inverter; this can be found on the side of the inverter as the Nominal AC Power.

If you need further assistance with your Aerosharp Solar Inverter Grid Volt Error issue please complete the form above under the URGENT heading and we’ll assist you further.

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