Is your Clenergy solar inverter displaying a red light and a GFCI Fault message on the screen?

Clenergy GFCI Fault on Clenergy Solar InverterAt Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions we’ve seen a large number of Clenergy inverters displaying the GFCI Fault message, it can be displayed on all the Clenergy inverter models although the SPH15, SPH20 amd SPH30 models are the main ones that seem to have the issue around the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas.

In each case according to the Clenergy solar inverter manual the GFCI Fault means Ground Fault Current Interrupt Fault. Now isn’t that helpful to know?! What it means in English is the Clenergy inverter has detected a fault whereby is detecting a ground fault with the system, and as this is a major issue it shuts the inverter down for safety. In our experience usually this is an internal fault with the inverter rather than an issue with any other part of the system but it will require a check by an accredited solar power installer.

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What can you do about a Clenergy GFCI Fault?

The first thing you can try is rebooting the system:

  1. Turn OFF the Solar Supply Main Switch in the switchboard
  2. Turn OFF the PV Array DC Isolator beside the inverter
  3. Wait for the Clenergy inverter screen to go blank and then a few more seconds
  4. Turn the PV Array DC Isolator beside the inverter back ON
  5. Turn the Solar Supply Main Switch in the switchboard back ON
  6. Wait for the inverter to reboot
  7. See if the GFCI Fault has cleared

If the reboot has not cleared the GFCI Fault then it looks like you will require the assistance of a professional solar power accredited electrician. If you’re near the Gold Coast or Brisbane areas just leave your details on the form on this page. If you are somewhere else in Australia please click on the following link, we have quality replacement solar inverters in stock ready to be delivered to your door.

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