I am currently testing a customer’s 2kW Aurora solar power inverter that he believes has an intermittent fault: so the last few days I have had 1.68kW of Sanyo solar panels hooked up to the EnviR Current Cost monitor so I can see how much solar power the inverter is producing all the time. If you check out the graphs below you will be able to see how the system has been performing.

If you check out the lower graph you will be able to see that in the afternoon of Friday the 30th of September I disconnected the monitor from my 7.6kW solar power system and began monitoring the 1.68kW system instead. As you can see from the graphs we have had a bit of cloud cover the last few days but so far the Aurora inverter has been operating flawlessly. I am looking forward to some nice clear days to see a nice clean power production curve being produced!

Solar power monitoring allows us to monitor how well a system is performing. If you are concerned about your system contact us today.