Fronius STATE 104 error code – What can you do?

STATE 104 error code on a Fronius solar power inverter

As a Fronius service partner we’ve seen a number of Fronius IG series inverters with STATE 104 errors. Fronius describe this as “Grid frequency in all phases beyond permitted limits” and list the following as possible causes:

  • Grid frequency error
  • Values in the service menu

The STATE 104 code is usually referring to an issue with the power from the electricity grid being outside the pre-defined limits of the Fronius inverter. With that being the case the first thing to do is check the following:

  • 1. Check that there is not a blackout – do you have power elsewhere?
  • 2. Locate the Solar Supply Main Switch in your switchboard and ensure it is in the ON position
  • 3. Locate the AC Output Isolator (if present it will be beside the inverter, your system may not have one) and ensure it is ON
  • 4. If any of the above were off then turn it back on and check your inverter and see if it’s restarting. This process will usually take a couple of minutes

If after checking the above and still the STATE 104 code hasn’t cleared it is worth trying one last thing and that’s a reboot of the system. To ensure that it isn’t just a one off error the best thing to do is try to reboot the inverter.

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To reboot your Fronius inverter follow the system shutdown procedure which should be near your inverter or possibly in your switchboard. Normally the shutdown procedure will be as follows:

  • 1. Locate the Solar Supply Main Switch in your switchboard and switch it OFF
  • 2. Locate the PV ARRAY MAIN SWITCH / SOLAR DC ISOLATOR (usually right beside the inverter) and switch it OFF

The inverter will turn off after a few seconds, wait 30 seconds or so and turn the system back on by turning the switches you just turned off back ON; the order in which you turn them on isn’t important.The inverter will attempt to start up, if after a few minutes the system is back in operation well done! If it’s still coming up with a STATE 104 error or another fault code then it looks like you are going to need professional help.

How to get a STATE 104 error fixed

Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions are a Fronius Service PartnerIf your Fronius inverter is still within the warranty period or even if your not sure (a 5 year warranty is standard) then you can call Fronius directly on 03 8340 2910 or if you’re on the Gold Coast or South Brisbane you can contact us here.

Either way we will require your inverters serial number which can be found underneath the inverter. It will be 8 digits followed by a / and 2 more digits, such as 12345678/20.

If your inverter is out of the warranty you have 2 options:

  • 1. Pay to get it fixed (and still have no warranty)
  • 2. Install a quality replacement inverter with a full new warranty.

Either way we can help, if you’re near the Gold Coast or Brisbane just leave your details on the form on this page or contact us here. If you are somewhere else in Australia and after a replacement solar inverter we have quality new inverters in stock available with FREE delivery to your door, just click on the picture below.

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