Growatt Solar Inverter AC V OutrangeGrowatt Solar Inverter AC V Outrange

If you’re seeing an AC V Outrange message on your Growatt Solar Inverter your inverter is telling you that it has detected that the grid AC voltage is coming up outside of the permissible range that the inverter can accept. As a result the inverter automatically shuts down as a safety precaution.

If this function is working correctly then this automatic inverter shutdown is a good thing, however we have seen on a number of occasions where Growatt inverters are misreading the grid AC voltage and shutting down when they shouldn’t be. Before taking any further action you are going to have to determine whether the AC Voltage is really out of range or if your Growatt inverter is just reading the voltage incorrectly.

Growatt AC V Outrange – Is the AC Voltage really out of range?

To figure out if you are actually getting too high a voltage on the AC side of your inverter you will need to use a multimeter to measure the AC voltage present at your inverter.

You should not attempt this on your own – we recommend calling an accredited solar electrician for safety reasons – this is electrical work and hazardous voltages are present. They will check the voltage between the active and neutral terminals of your inverter and by comparing these measurements to the AC voltage reading on the inverter screen will be able to ascertain whether the problem is with your inverter or with the voltage from the grid.

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Growatt AC V Outrange – What’s going on?

What normally happens with the AC V Outrange error is that the inverter trips out, and then it commences a reconnection process which will keep being repeated as long as the AC voltage detected is outside the permissable range.

If the multimeter reading shows a voltage between 220V and 255 Volts the problem is most likely with your inverter, as this is a typical accepted AC voltage range Growatt inverters will accept. Take the time to check on the AC Voltage reading on the inverter screen as well as it should be very similar to the reading the multimeter shows. If the inverter display shows a voltage reading quite different to the multimeter it sounds like you have a problem with the inverter.

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If the problem is with your inverter…

If the issue turns out to be with your inverter, you are going to need to replace or repair it. Growatt inverters came with a 5 year warranty and to make a warranty claim, you will require proof of purchase within the warranty period and also the serial number and model number off the side of your inverter.

Growatt AC V Outrange and no warranty? Don’t panic!

If your inverter is out of the warranty period don’t fear, there’s still hope! Your Growatt inverter can be recalibrated back to the correct voltages and will then start working again correctly. If you are in South East QLD somewhere near the Gold Coast or Brisbane area we can help get your Growatt inverter recalibrated for you. Please complete the form above under the URGENT heading and we’ll assist you further.

If the problem is with the AC Grid voltage…

If the multimeter reading reveals the grid voltage is outside of the 220V – 255V range it looks like you may have a problem with the electricity grid rather than a problem with your solar inverter. This will require the assistance of a local electrician to ascertain what further action is required to rectify the issue.

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