Please Wait Message on Aero-Sharp Inverter?

Please Wait Message on Aero-Sharp InverterWhile providing solutions to inverter issues we sometimes come across an issue on Aero-Sharp Inverters where the display is showing a ‘Please Wait’ message. Along with this message, it shows that the Power light is on but the Run and Fault lights are off.

When a “Please Wait” message is shown on the Aero-Sharp screen it means that the inverter is not detecting any power from the electricity grid. For an Aero-Sharp Inverter to be working, the Power and Run lights both need to be on. If this is not what you’re seeing, then something needs to be done ASAP to get your solar power system back into operation.

What to do about a Please Wait Message on Aero-Sharp Inverter?

First, check if everything is on. Check if the AC Isolator (if present beside the inverter) and the Solar Supply Main Switch located in your switchboard are turned ON. If you have done this and you’re still getting this issue, you will require the help of a solar accredited electrician to ascertain whether the problem is with the inverter or with the AC wiring to the inverter.

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If after having your solar power system checked by a solar power expert and the issue is found to be with the inverter the best action to take will be replace the faulty Aero-Sharp with a quality replacement unit. If the inverter was installed within the last 5 years it should be covered by warranty but unfortunately Aero-Sharp Electric is out of business so the warranty is null and void. Additionally, having it repaired will most likely cost you around $500 and still leave you with an inferior-quality unit with no warranty that may develop another problem tomorrow.

Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions recommend replacing faulty Aero-Sharp solar inverters with a good quality replacement inverter that’s going to give you a full warranty. The inverter capacity can be found on the side of the inverter so you know the correct size required to replace it.

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