Schneider Conext RL 2450 No Grid Error

Schneider Conext RL 2450 No Grid ErrorSchneider Conext RL 2450 No Grid Error means that your inverter is not detecting any power from the grid and requires your attention as soon as possible.

There are typically two clear signs you have this fault. On the inverter the:

  • Red “Alarm” light will be on & the
  • screen will display a “2450: No Grid” message

What Does the Schneider Conext RL 2450 No Grid Error mean?

The Schneider Conext RL 2450 No Grid Error indicates the inverter is not detecting any power from the electricity grid.

There are a few things you can check right away that might fix the error message:

  1. Make sure your Solar Supply Main Switch in the switchboard is set to ON (usually the up position). If your inverter is not located near your meter box it should have an AC isolator installed next to it, make sure that this is also in the ON position
  2. Confirm you are not experiencing a blackout at the time, as if you are this 2450: No Grid message is normal
  3. Make sure the AC plug is firmly plugged into the inverter

If you have tried the above, and your inverter is still showing the 2450 no grid message, you should contact a solar accredited electrician as further testing of your inverter will be required.

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What To Do About a Schneider Conext RL 2450 No Grid Errors

The Schneider Conext RL 2450 No Grid Error may be attributed to an issue with the circuit breaker, a cabling issue, or even damage within the inverter. An accredited solar electrician will need to attend your property to test the AC components and your inverter to ascertain the cause of the error.

If your inverter ends up being the problem then it may be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Schneider Conext RL inverters are covered by a 5-year manufacturer warranty so if it’s still within this period you can make a claim. A warranty claim must be submitted to Schneider for a replacement inverter.

Schneider requires the following when submitting a warranty claim:

  1. Model Number
  2. Serial Number (which should be visible on the side of the inverter)
  3. Proof of purchase (this can be your Tax Invoice, STC Form, or paperwork showing the installation date and inverter)

If your inverter is over 5 years old, and therefore not under warranty, you will need to contact a solar-accredited electrician to discuss replacing the inverter as soon as possible.

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