Er00 Error Code on Sunny Roo or Sunna Solar Inverter

Sunny Roo Inverter Er00 Error Code
It is quite a common issue here at Gold Coast Power Solutions to see faulty Sunny Roo and Sunna solar inverters, and one of errors which we see is the Er-00 error code. With this issue, the Er00 code is displaying on the screen and the green light will be flashing intermittently. If working properly, the green light should be constantly lit.

According to the Sunny Roo and Sunna inverter manuals this error is due to the inverter being in soft start procedure, but the DC Bus cannot reach and maintain anticipative charging voltage. In layman’s terms, the solar inverter is not functioning properly and it needs to be fixed ASAP.

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What can you about a Sunna or Sunny Roo Inverter Er00 Error Code

The first thing to do is try rebooting the system, it’s important to carry out the shutdown procedure as follows;

  1. Turn off the AC Solar Supply Main Switch located in the switchboard or the Inverter AC Isolator at the inverter.
  2. Then turn off the DC PV Array Isolator locator next to the inverter.
  3. Wait for approximately 1 minute.
  4. Turn on the AC Solar Supply Main Switch or Inverter Isolator.
  5. Turn on the DC PV Array Isolator.
  6. Check if this clears the error.

Unfortunately, since the Sunny Roo, Sunna and Beyond Building companies are no longer around, the warranty is no longer valid if this issue persists. Although you can potentially get the inverter repaired, you will still have to pay quite a bit of money to do this and you’ll be left with an inverter of inferior quality without any warranty.

At Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions we recommend having the faulty Sunny Roo or Sunna inverter replaced with a good quality inverter that will operate for years to come and be covered by a full warranty, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

If you need further assistance with your Sunny Roo Inverter Er00 Error Code issue and you’re near the Gold Coast or Brisbane area please complete the form on this page with your details and we’ll be in touch. If you are somewhere else in Australia and after a replacement inverter please click on the following link, we have quality replacement solar inverters in stock ready to be delivered to your door.

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