CMS10000 Solar Inverter ERR GRID

CMS10000 Solar Inverter ERR GRIDDo you have a CMS10000 solar inverter ERR GRID message? If you’re seeing an ERR GRID message on your CMS10000 Solar Inverter it’s letting you know that it’s detected an issue with the power from the street. If at the time this happened you had a blackout or the solar supply main switch is turned off then the ERR GRID message would be normal. Unfortunately however if your CMS10000 is coming up with ERR GRID intermittently or when all the switches are ON and you have power from the street you have an issue.

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CMS10000 Solar Inverter ERR GRID? Make sure the grid isn’t the problem

The first thing you should do when you see a grid error message on your CMS10000 inverter is to check the power grid – this is the power from the street. You’ll need to check that you’re actually getting power from the street and that power is on all 3 phases – with 3 phase power it’s possible that one or 2 phases are still connected but one phase is down. This would mean you have power available for some parts of your property but possibly not all. Assuming you are not experiencing a blackout, you need to ensure the device is properly connected.

CMS10000 Solar Inverter ERR GRID? Check these things next

If you’ve checked the grid and it all seems okay the next thing to check is that the inverter’s AC supply is all turned on. Please check the following:

  1. Normal Supply Main Switch in your switchboard is ON
  2. Solar Supply Main Switch in your switchboard is ON
  3. AC Isolator beside the inverter (if present) is ON

If you’ve checked all the above and you’re still having the ERR GRID issue it’s time to call a solar accredited electrician. They will be able to test the system and work out what is and is not going on. It may be a problem with the grid supply to the inverter however it may be a problem with the inverter.

CMS10000 manufacturer, CMS are no longer in business

Unfortunately, CMS, the manufacturer of the CMS10000 is no longer in business, so if the issue does end up being with the inverter there won’t be any warranty covering it. The best thing to do would be to replace the faulty CMS10000 with another inverter like a Fronius Symo 10 rather than paying to fix the faulty unit. If you did try to fix a faulty CMS10000 solar inverter ERR GRID issue by repairing the inverter it would still have no warranty, and could break down again with another fault tommorrow.

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In conclusion a CMS10000 solar inverter ERR GRID message can usually be rectified by a few simple checks, however if you have tried the things listed above and are still having issues you will need the help of a local solar accredited electrician.
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