Growatt Solar Inverter PV Isolation Low

Growatt Solar Inverter PV Isolation LowIs your Growatt Solar Inverter showing a PV Isolation Low message?

When your Growatt solar inverter is operating correctly the inverter light will be a solid green. When the light is red it indicates that your inverter has detected a fault with the system – the particular fault details are displayed on the screen.

Growatt Solar Inverter PV Isolation Low – What does it mean?

According to the Growatt solar inverter manual a PV Isolation Low message on your inverter is telling you that the inverter has detected a problem with the insulation on the system. That’s helpful isn’t it? What this means is the system has detected leakage of electricity in the system to earth, and this condition is called an earth fault. The following list are some of the common causes of solar power earth faults that would make a Growatt solar inverter display a PV Isolation Low message:

  • Moisture ingress in the solar panels
  • Moisture ingress in the cabling, plugs, isolators or inverter
  • Damage to cables in the solar power system

The first thing we recommend you try is a reboot of your solar power system.

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Rebooting Your Growatt Solar Inverter

It is possible that the error you are seeing with your Growatt inverter is just a glitch which will be fixed by a system reboot. To reboot your Growatt solar inverter please follow these steps:

  1. Turn OFF the solar supply main switch (or inverter AC isolator if present).
  2. Turn OFF the PV array DC isolator.
  3. Wait for the inverter screen to go completely blank and the red fault light to turn off.
  4. Turn ON the PV array DC isolator.
  5. Turn ON the solar supply main switch (or inverter AC isolator if present).
  6. Wait a few minutes while the inverter boots back up.

If immediately after restarting the inverter you see the error message “PV isolation low” unfortunately it appears you may have an issue with your system which is going to require the services of a solar accredited electrician to find the fault and advise you further. If you are in South East QLD somewhere near the Gold Coast or Brisbane area we can help.

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