SMA Sunnyboy Inverter Disturbance VAC BFR

Sunnyboy Inverter Disturbance Vac BfrHave you just checked your SMA Sunnyboy inverter and been greeted by an orange failure light and a “disturbance VAC BFR” message?

The SMA Sunnyboy inverter disturbance Vac Bfr message is telling you that your inverter isn’t detecting any power from the electricity grid. This may be because no power is available from the grid or it may be that the power coming from the grid is not complying to the parameters set inside the inverter.

Disturbance Vac Bfr Message? Here’s what to do.

When your inverter is displaying a Disturbance Vac Bfr message your solar power system isn’t working because the inverter is not detecting the correct power from the grid. The first things to check are as follows:

  • The AC plug on the inverter is in place and fully screwed in.
  • The inverter AC isolator switch beside the inverter (if present) is in the ON position.
  • The Solar Supply Main Switch in your switchboard is in the ON position.
  • Are your other electrical appliances working? If not you may have a power failure.

If you have checked all the above and everything seems fine it looks like you are going to have to call in some professional help. We recommend you contact a local solar accredited electrician for further assistance.

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Further Assistance with the Disturbance Vac Bfr Message

The first thing a solar accredited electrician will do is determine whether the problem is with your solar inverter or the power coming to the inverter from the grid. The first thing the electrician should check is that the correct AC voltage is present at the AC plug connecting to the inverter. If around 240 volts is present at this plug then it looks like the problem may be with your inverter.

If on checking the voltage at this plug it’s found that there is no voltage present it proves that the problem is somewhere between the inverter and electricity grid. This will be a process of elimination to work out where the problem is – the good news is it’s not a problem with your SMA Sunnyboy inverter!

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Is your SMA Sunnyboy inverter the problem?

If the solar inverter is the problem the first thing to do is check whether it is still covered by the factory warranty. All SMA inverters came with a minimum of 5 years warranty – some came with a 10 year warranty. If it’s outside the warranty period we recommend replacing the faulty inverter with a new one. You could try and get it repaired however you won’t be getting much change from $500 and are still left with an inverter with no warranty that could have another issue next week requiring more of your hard earned money. A new inverter would be covered by a warraenty and provide you with peace of mind for a good few years to come.

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