Fronius STATE 102 Error Message on the GALVO, PRIMO and SYMO range of Fronius inverters

Fronius STATE 102 Error message on GALVO, PRIMO and SYMO Fronius invertersIf your Fronius GALVO, PRIMO or SYMO solar inverter is displaying a STATE 102 message on the screen unfortunately your solar inverter isn’t working. This however is not an internal fault inside the inverter.

What does the Fronius STATE 102 error message on the GALVO, PRIMO and SYMO inverters mean?

The Fronius STATE 102 message is telling you that the AC Grid Voltage is too high. The voltage of the electricity grid is higher than it should be and due to this the inverter is disconnecting the inverter from the grid as the grid is outside the parameters the inverter is set to work within.

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What can you do about the STATE 102 message?

There are two possible scenarios with the State 102 Error Code. Either the inverter does not even attempt to connect to the grid or the inverter trips during operation.

Scenario 1: STATE 102 appears before the inverter attempts to connect to the grid.

This generally happens 10 to 15 seconds after “Wait Master Ready” goes off the screen.
This is an issue with the power grid where the grid voltage is above the limit of 253V as specified in the Australian Standards. The inverter is not allowed to connect to the power grid if the voltage is above 253V.

Scenario 1 Solution: The best thing to do is report the high grid voltage issue to your local electricity provider: this is not your electricity retailer but rather the entity who maintains the electricity network in your area. In South East QLD it’s Energex. Your electricity provider has an obligation to ensure the voltage they supply from the grid is below 253V.

The following video shows you how to check the AC voltage on your inverter.

Scenario 2: STATE 102 appears appears during feed-in operation.

This is casued when the grid voltage as measured at the inverter has averaged a voltage higher than 255V over a 10 minute period. There are two possible solutions in this scenario as follows:

Scenario 2 Solution A: The Fronius GALVO, PRIMO and SYMO solar inverters are set with the 10 minute average value at 255V as standard out of the box. Some Grid Network Service Providers such as Energex allow this setting to be changed to 257V from 255V which in most cases will eliminate the issue. This setting can only be changed by an accredited solar electrician with the approval of the local electricity provider: this is not your electricity retailer but rather the entity who maintains the electricity network in your area. In South East QLD it’s Energex. We recommend you talk to the company who installed your Fronius inverter to make sure this setting has been changed if appropriate. PLEASE DON’T CALL US!! TALK TO THE PEOPLE WHO INSTALLED YOUR INVERTER!!

Scenario 2 Solution B: If you have tried the above Solution A and are still having issues then you may have an issue with voltage rise in your system. Please contact your original installer to check this out for you. A maximum of 2% voltage rise is allowed; if the voltage rise is higher than this some of the AC cables at your property may require upgrading.

Get help with your Fronius STATE 102 error message

If you need further assistance with a STATE 102 message please talk to the people who installed your solar inverter. If they are no longer around or of no help please complete the form above under the URGENT heading and we’ll assist you further.

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